The selection is conducted in two phases:

  • a pre-selection phase, prior to the Workshop, of a maximum of 6 candidates by a selected jury;

  • a selection phase of the winner among the 6 candidates through the vote, during the Workshop, of another selected jury.

  • The pre-selection jury will be composed of 5 members: 2 professors drawn by lot from among the coordinators/delegates of the Universities that have not submitted applications, and 3 representatives of Federalimentare and/or food companies. These materials must be sent by e-mail to the Organizing Committee no later than June 20, 2021 (the date of receipt of the e-mail will be considered), so that the selected jury can complete the evaluation by July 18, 2021.

  • Each member of the jury will have 100 points, equally divided between the written text and the video in English (duration 3 minutes). The originality, innovation and transferability of the research results and the video presentation will be evaluated. The 6 doctoral students with the highest score will be selected.

  • The 6 PhD students will present their oral contribution in the plenary session during the Workshop, followed by the video prepared for the pre-selection.

  • The selected jury is made up of 5 members: 1 (President or Secretary) of the National Coordination Committee of the Research Doctorates, 2 Federalimentare delegates and 2 Presidents/delegates of the scientific societies sponsoring the Workshop (SISTAL and SIMTREA). These members must attend the Webinar on September 15, 2021. Each member of the jury will have 100 points to evaluate each video. A prize will be awarded to the doctoral student who has achieved the highest score