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To apply for this award you must:

  • Be a 3rd year PhD candidate who has conducted a doctoral thesis with evident innovative and technological transfer impact for food companies and who is attending the First Virtual Workshop
  • Submit the manuscript for the Workshop Proceedings
  • Submit a video presenting their research in maximum 2 minutes

Deadline for manuscript and video submission: 18th June 2021

Video have to be submitted ONLY through the FileSender System following the guidelines reported below (e-mail address:
Video sent via email will not be considered for the award.

Guidelines for video preparation:

    • introduce yourself and present your research structure;
    • report your research skills;
    • highlight the innovative relevance and the practical impact of your research for the industry;
    • do not use technical language without due explanation;
    • use a spoken style without using graphs or tables;
  • the technical quality of the video is not object of evaluation, therefore the video can be realized with a video camera or with a smartphone.
  • the video should show the candidate presenting his/her research
  • the video should be named “namesurname UNIXX” (UNIXX=university short name; e.g. UNIPA)

Guidelines for video submission
All the PhD Candidates who applied for the What for Award in the registration form will receive an invitation to upload the video using the system FileSender two weeks before the deadline.

You will receive an email with object FileGarr. Please click on the Voucher link in your email and follow the instructions:

Enter the recipient’s address:

Set the expiration date: 2 weeks

Write the message showing name of candidate and university

Attach the file

Click Enter

After the submission you will receive a notification from the system.

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1 Enter the recipient’s address
2 Set the expiration date: 2 weeks
3 Attach the file
4 Click Enter
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